New Adult Sunday School Class starting on June 21st!

“Paul’s letter to the Romans”

Come join the adults in a 12-week study on the book of Romans using Crossway’s Knowing the Bible series. This study will be slightly different in its teaching approach as the church will provide the book for your individual study during the week and we will review and discuss the chapter in class on Sunday mornings.

Why Romans?

The apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans to the Christians living in Rome whom he had not yet personally visited. The gospel had spread faster than Paul could travel. In response, Paul wanted to make sure that these Christians thoroughly understood the gospel. Therefore, the book of Romans contains the most detailed, systematic, and precise presentation of the gospel which Paul wrote.

What will I learn by studying Romans?

·        You’ll take an in-depth look at what the righteousness of God actually is.

·        You’ll examine what salvation in Christ truly means.

·        You’ll consider the necessity of the Holy Spirit in your life.

·        You’ll look at God’s grand plan of salvation from the beginning.

·        You’ll gain confidence from a thorough knowledge of the Gospel.

·        You’ll discover how to apply the concepts Paul discussed to your personal life.

Please consider committing your summer to diving into one of the most important books in the New Testament! See Ernie Hood or Pastor Rob to sign up today!