Sunday School

Study on the twelve minor prophets

For some reason, many Christians today are scared of the Minor Prophets. The minor prophets are among the least popular books for Christians to read and study. This is understandable with the often unusual prophetic language and the seemingly constant warnings and condemnations recorded in the prophecies. Whatever it is, we have a cultural tendency to camp in the cozy familiarity of the Psalms and the Gospels—and leave the doom-and-gloom prophets alone.

So should we not study the minor prophets? No! They are not less inspired than the major prophets. God just chose to reveal more to the major prophets.  While we do have to understand them as first and foremost written for God’s people in ancient Israel, these books still bubble over with truth, correction, and meaning for God’s people in the twenty-first century. In them, we read of Christ’s return in Zechariah, and we learn of God’s holiness, wrath, grace, and mercy.

Unlike contemporary caricatures and stereotypes, these books practically explode with relevance for Christians today like:

´  The utter and undeniable sovereignty of God

´  God’s inevitable judgement against sin

´  God’s amazing love

´  A passionate call to get right with God

´  The coming of the Messiah

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